Walkin’ down a country road…


I left Treacastela about 9:00am after grabbing some “breakfast” at the only open café. (Coffee, juice and…toast! Yay, toast!) The weather was perfect for walking.

The Camino splits in Treacastela and I had already determined that I would take the “high” (and shorter) road.

I was walking very slowly (even for me) with frequent rest stops. Lots of uphill on this route. But no reason to hurry! And the scenery was magical.

I passed a number of tiny villages – most just a few houses and usually a little church.

One church had some interesting history and a beautiful interior. Alas, I neglected to take a picture of the informational sign outside but it is right on the French Way and has apparently been a stopping place for Pilgrims for several hundred years.

Further up the way was a fountain with the Camino scallop shell. Also, cows.

Such a different landscape than when I was walking the first week!

Oh, and I found an Ent. He was very calm.

So far there had been no services and I was getting a bit light-headed. When I got to the little village of Montàn, there was a vending machine where I bought some juice and a candy bar…and then, just a few hundred feet later, a wonderful donativo snack stand with fresh fruit, cookies, nuts, tea and…hard boiled eggs! A feast!

I sat down on a stone walk a little ways down the path and suddenly, the man who had been running the snack stand came and pulled some branches across the road. It seems that it was time for the sheep to be directed out into the field. They came in a clump, baa-ing and looking confused, as sheep tend to do.

I continued on the road, glad that I was taking my time so I could really appreciate everything. (Not that I had a choice! My stamina was pretty low after a week “off” being sick!)

After a while, I saw the sign for Fintín and was walking down a stone road. And there was my lovely hotel, waiting for me!

I plan to keep with the slow pace and lower mileage. And I’ll continue to have my pack transported – it makes a huge difference. Tomorrow I’ll go a bit past Sarria (a big city and very crowded) and stay a few kilometers down the road in Vilei. Slow and steady!

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  1. Julie – see this big ‘ole grin on my face? You put it there.! I am thrilled for you. Yeeap..slow and steady..it is your Camino after all. You inspire me so much and I keep checking for your update non-stop. Thank you.

  2. Julie, so glad to hear you are making progress and continuing your Camino! Wonderful pictures!

    Buen Camino!


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  3. Fantastic scenery- the hills as well as the churches. Grateful for a good day! Sending love and good energy 🍎

  4. Julie, I am really enjoying your posts. Beautiful countryside and church. Hope you are feeling better. You are such an inspiration to so many people with your interesting posts.

  5. Beautiful – that’s my kind of hiking country. Thank you for your daily reports and photos Julie, I’m trekking vicariously. What are you learning about yourself along the way? x

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