The sky is gray and white and cloudy…


The forecast was for rain, so I had my poncho at the ready and put my pack cover on. It was misty and overcast when I took back to the road at about 8:30am.

It’s hard to describe the morning light here and the pictures don’t do it justice. There’s a soft glow over everything.

It was windy, but it never rained. I had planned a fairly short stage today – about 6 miles to Belorado. The first little town soon appeared.

The one and only cafe was just opening and there were Katrina and Amy! They had walked from Redecilla del Camino and were continuing on to Belorado where they planned to take a bus to Burgos.

I had coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice and a scrumptious omelette sandwich. No set price…donation only.

Apparently the village had recently celebrated its 1000th birthday!

The road now bordered the highway. The Camino was actually once the main road, so it kind of makes sense. I imagined pilgrims from 100s of years ago, making their way along this same path.

The next village, Villamayor del Rio, appeared. Katrina and Amy were here, and cavorting on the swing set in the square! I sat and had some peanuts and chocolate. There was supposed to be a cafe, but I didn’t see one.

About 3 more miles and I came to the edge of Belorado…and my albergue! I had reserved a room with twin beds, rather than bunks. (Many albergues don’t have this option…and this place even had sheets and blankets!)

I had a beer and snack. Wine would come later. And the “Pilgrim’s meal.”

Then…surprise! There was a swimming pool. Filled with clear, cold water. Too cold to actually swim, but my feet were very happy.

My Pilgrims credential is filling up. This being Holy Week, I’d like to see some of the festivities! I plan to take the bus to Burgos tomorrow and then the train to Leon the next day. I’ll celebrate Easter Sunday in a tiny little town called La Virgen del Camino. After that…I’ll see what the Camino says.

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