Next time…


Yes. I’ve caught myself thinking this on more than a few occasions over the past couple of weeks. Which means…I guess at some point I’m coming back, either to do this Camino or one of the other routes.

So. “Next time” I will…

Bring a better travel backpack. I wasn’t aware of how often I’d be using the pack transport service for my big pack! It has truly been a life-saver.

Take people’s advice and get shoes 1/2 size bigger than usual. I’ve been wearing this size and brand forever (New Balance 410s size 7.5) and I just thought they’d be fine. And I’m managing. But my toes are not happy.

Be much more realistic about daily mileage. My pace is very slow (1.5 – 2 mph) and I stop a lot, especially going uphill. So that needs to be factored into a plan.

Bring my Kindle. Because I do shorter days, it’d be nice to have something to read in the late afternoon. And books in English are in short supply here!

Today was the first day I was in shorts and t-shirt. Sunny and breezy. I cannot imagine doing this in the summer!

I saw many more hórreos.

And more “shrines” where Pilgrims had left mementos, intentions and prayers.

There was a beautiful old church near San Xulian. It was open and the caretaker inside would stamp your credential.

I am staying in the little town of Coto tonight and treated myself to a private room. With a soaking tub. In which I soaked. Also my room has a couch. 😁

The restaurant just down the street was serving that Galician soup, which is my new favorite thing to eat. I’ll have to learn how to make it. That and the garlic soup with egg.

Tomorrow I head to Boente.

If all goes well, I’ll be in Santiago on Thursday!

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  1. Hi Julie
    Wow Santiago maybe by Thursday!
    I love that Galician soup too. I first had it in the 80s at Las Culebrinas in Miami.
    Enjoy the rest of your Camino!

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