The kindness of strangers…


After I posted about my COVID situation on a Camino Facebook group, lots of people wrote with encouraging words and thoughts. I was fully prepared to stay for several more days in the hotel, although it was an expense and kind of sterile.

Then, out of the blue, I got a PM that said: Hello Julie, we’re very sorry about your situation. We are an Albergue de Donativo with two bedrooms. If you want we give you one of those while you recover from Covid and stay with us all the time you need. We can pick you up in Astorga as well. Albergue La Biznaga is our place in Valtuille de Arriba just before Villafranca del Bierzo. Well this is the help we can give you if you want it, tell us something please. Rocío y Susan

After a little thought, I accepted. We had a brief video chat and this morning, they drove all the way to Astorga to get me…over an hour each way! Two lovely women in their mid-fifties who went out of their way to help a total stranger.

I am now comfortably ensconced in one of the bedrooms, with a cup of mint tea. Rocío is going to cook for me later and Susan has been very clear that I should feel like this is my home for the next few days. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and grace.

No plans for now…just rest. One day at a time. It’s beautiful here in the little village. The saying “The Camino provides” has turned out to be true, after all.

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  1. God is good. Love is the answer…all cliche, but true when you experience love and kindness from strangers when you are in a difficult situation. So happy that so many prayers fro you have been answered. I will continue to keep you in the LIGHT and pray and meditate on a healthy atmosphere for you. Stay well! Love and a big hug, Costa

  2. So glad that Susan and Rocio are part of a growing group of good people that you’ve met along the way. How wonderful that they’ve extended their hospitality to you like that- such generosity! Get well! 😽❤

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