Lost along the way…


My lightweight gloves (left them in Zariquiegui when I got into the taxi.)

My purple bandanna (probably fell out of my pocket on the way into Longroño)

Most of two toenails (clipped them down to almost nothing and slathered them with Betadine)

Some weight. Not sure how much, but I’m having to cinch my belt tighter.

Any sense that I am in control of this trip.

This morning I started out of Longroño about 8:30am. I walked through the old city, which was much more picturesque than where I had been staying. But I was still basically walking on city streets. Some interesting statues.

After a while, the way ran through a park and past a lake that was quite pretty.

And I saw several of these cheeky chaps. Black squirrels? Very friendly.

As I got closer to Navarette, the path became increasingly ugly. Lots of construction and roadwork. In fact, right before the path into the village, they were constructing a huge new over-pass with little thought to the ancient Way. It was so hideous that I didn’t even take a picture. I was happy to see the signs that let me know I was on the right track!

Finally I was past the mess and Navarette rose up ahead.

I found my pension and had a much-desired shower. For the first time at the end of the walking, I didn’t feel completely shattered. I got myself some tapas and wine and had a look inside the 500 year old church.

Tomorrow I head to Najera…about 10.5 miles. And after that – who knows? I’ve canceled all my reservations and will let the Camino be my guide. This is what one of my friends said – and I think he’s right!

It’s your Camino. Whatever you choose is right. I would encourage you to stay on the path and enjoy the people. The Camino is a challenging journey, and it’s humbling. I layed up for a couple days more than once. It enriched my experience. You may “finish” now or sometime in the future. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about the journey. Buen Camino!

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  1. i love your friend’s words. the whole concept of “it’s your camino” really strikes me. I think of Canterbury Tales and other stories of pilgrimage. No one made reservations. People stayed an extra day here or there. You do you. you do your pace. you do your road. I like it.

    also, that’s a nice big bottle of wine. would love to share it with you. hahah!

    one foot in front of the other. onward.

  2. Julie, there is hope in every post you write, even when describing challenges. You are doing something that’s been on your bucket list a while, and doing it your way ❤

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