Carry that weight…


After considering several options, I decided to have my pack transported to my next Alburgue and walk the 13+ miles to Los Arcos with just a little light “string bag.” It turned out to be an excellent decision. I brought my water bottle, sandals, and my mini-first aid kit and left the rest tagged and ready to go.

I left Estella at about 8:30am and stopped in Auegui, the first town, to grab some food and fruit. It was a beautiful, sunny day and chilly enough so that I still needed my down vest.

Soon I came to Irache, with its famous “wine fountain.” I had a sip and it was quite good! Irache is a wine town, of course, and I’d be walking through wine country for the rest of the day.

I knew the walk to Villamayor de Montejardin was mostly up hill and the last mile or so pretty steep so I got myself going. The scenery was gorgeous.

After a while I saw the little Village of Azqueta rising in the distance. This was the stop before the big uphill push.

I sat on a bench and ate an orange. For strength. Then I slowly started up the hill, stopping frequently. Still beautiful scenery.

When I was almost to the town I passed this interesting structure. It looked like a mikvah – a Jewish ritual bath. But the sign up the road said it was a “fuente medieval”.

Finally I reached the town and found a place to sit down, charge my phone, and eat something.

The next 7 miles weren’t difficult terrain but they were all along a dirt road with little shade. About a mile out I switched into my sandals. Then I walked. And walked. And walked some more. So much walking.

I was exceedingly happy to see this sign….

And even happier to see this one…

My backpack had arrived safe and sound and the proprietor greeted me by name. Apparently I’d booked myself a private room here, which I don’t remember doing but I was glad to get it! A hot shower felt like heaven and there’s dinner in a little while. And my room has a balcony!

Tomorrow it’s on to Viana…10+ miles with a lot of ups and downs. I may get my pack transported again…it makes a huge difference.

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  1. Such awesome reporting- you are doing this, figuring it out as you go and enjoying the challenges. Love the pictures- I can just imagine your relief when you see those signs!

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