Let’s start at the very beginning


Starting out… in front of my house in Worcester.

Or at least in Pamplona. The traditional “beginning” is St-Jean-Pied-de-Port but I didn’t feel up to schlepping over the Pyrenees and that route is closed now anyway due to snow.

They say your Camino starts when you walk out your door…so I guess I started when I left Worcester Wednesday afternoon to walk to the train station. Two hours to Logan. Two hours IN Logan. 6 hours on the plane. 2 hours to get through customs and another 4 hours waiting in the Madrid airport. 6 hour bus ride to Pamplona.

(The wait at the airport was sort of a debacle. Rather than making my way to the train station to take an earlier train, I thought I was being clever by finding an “arrivals lounge” and booking a few hours. Well, turns out the so-called lounge was basically a few tables and chairs with bad sandwiches. Plus, they couldn’t find my booking. They let me in “as a favor.”)

Anyway…finally…here I sit in a local restaurant having wine, bread, risotto and flan. My hostel is right around the corner and I’m planning on a long sleep before doing a bit of exploring tomorrow.

And I got my very first stamp in my Credential!

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