(Doot, doot, doot) Lookin’ out my back door…


Late yesterday afternoon, I took a stroll around my little garden and the common backyard and noticed how many different (and beautiful) flowers and bushes there were, just in this little area.  And in the dry season!

I am no gardener (although I do love colourful growing things!) so maybe someone can tell me what some of these are…or at least a close approximation!  The only one I was sure of was the mint growing right by the walkway.  And I do love mint.

Late afternoon here is not the same as at home.  Because we are so close to the equator, there is no real twilight or lingering sunsets (or sunrises!)   BAM!  Sun’s up!  And BOOM!  It’s down!  But there is a sort of hazy change in the light, right around 5:00pm, which is when I took these pictures.

I tried to get some pictures of the little lizards (chameleons, I think) that skitter up and down the path (and even onto the porch) but they were too shy.  Next time!  Apparently there are also tortoises and voles who inhabit the yard, too.

And it’s Friday.  Made it through the first week of school!  Still don’t have my car back, so likely will do some more walking this weekend, or perhaps be really adventurous and brave the little blue vans that pass for public transportation here.

IMG_1118 IMG_1117 IMG_1116 IMG_1115 IMG_1114 IMG_1113 IMG_1112 IMG_1111 IMG_1110 IMG_1109 IMG_1108 IMG_1107 IMG_1106 IMG_1105 IMG_1104 IMG_1102 IMG_1101 IMG_1099 IMG_1098 IMG_1097 IMG_1096 IMG_1095 IMG_1093

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  1. Some of these pix do resemble summer flowers stateside, but I would never presume to try and identify them correctly without a field guide in hand. Enjoy your walks – what an adventure!! Love you!

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